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When looking to buy kratom online, you must be careful to buy kratom from a reputable vendor. It is not a good idea to buy kratom from a vendor who does not label the strain, leaf vine, or grade of kratom.  These types of vendors simply advertise kratom as "super kratom" or "green vein kratom."   Also, do not buy kratom from vendors that advertise "legal high or something similar.  These vendors are hoping to get uninformed customers to buy kratom at an inflated price.  A reputable vendor sells kratom for the physical and mental health benefits.

Another thing to be aware of when looking for places to buy kratom online is an exaggerated kratom extract potency.  Anything above 30x kratom extract is from a seller that is misinformed or trying to get more money out of inexperienced buyers. 
Listed below are a couple of the most reputable vendors to buy kratom from:

Arena Ethnobotanicals 
Arena Ethnobotanicals is an excellent place to buy kratom. This company was started when the owners had a bad experience with a kratom vendor. They were shipped poor quality kratom with bad packaging and labeling. They decided to open their own botanical company and are dedicated on selling quality botanicals at a good price. This vendor offers a wide variety of seeds, herbs, plants, and herbal extracts. Their kratom department features premium Thai kratom, Bali, Maeng Da, Indonesian, 15x kratom extract and resin. Their kratom is available in capsules, leaf, powder, and resin form.  Live red vein thai kratom plants are also among their inventory. Everything is shipped quickly and arrives in excellent condition.

                                               Average Price per Gram    
 Thai Kratom  Capsule, Powder, & Leaf  33-42¢
 Maeng Da Kratom  Capsule, Powder, & Leaf  66-78¢
 Bali Kratom  Capsule, Powder, & Leaf  28-39¢
 Indonesian Kratom  Powder & Leaf  29-35¢
 15x Kratom Extract  Powder  $3.00-$4.50



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                             Superior Quality Kratom
                                                               Superior Quality Kratom

Bouncing Bear Botanicals has been in business for 10 years.  They offer Bali, Maeng Da, Malaysian, Indonesian, Borneo, and Thai kratom.  Sampler packs are available for those who are not sure what to purchase. Their powder sampler pack includes: Maeng Da, Malasian Kratom, micro powdered Indonesian kratom, red-vein Boreno, Thai kratom, Bali premium, and green-vein Borneo kratom.  Their kratom extract sample pack includes:  Miragynine 10% standardized kratom, Ultra enhanced Indonesian kratom, golden reserve enhanced kratom, and full spectrum isolate kratom extract.  Bouncing Bear Botanicals sells an automatic filling machine for users who prefer to capsule the powder themselves.  The machine automatically joins and ejects filled capsules.  Step by step instructions are included.  Kratom plants are also available to be purchased.  The kratom plants are about 4-6 inches tall.  They come from the same trees as Malaysian mitragyna speciosa.  Besides kratom, this vendor sells multiple other botanicals such as amanita muscaria, ayahuasca products, yerba mate, cactus, seeds, extracts, and salvia-divinorum.  Bouncing Bear Botanicals also has an excellent point reward program when you buy kratom and/or other inventory items, for every $100 spent you earn $10 in credit.

                                        Average Price per Gram
 Thai Kratom  Powder & Leaf  31-42¢ 
 Maeng Da  Powder & c/s Foliage  42-71¢
 Bali Kratom  Powder & Leaf  27-35¢
 Borneo Kratom  Powder & Leaf  19-28¢
 Malaysian  Powder  38-53¢
 Super Indo  Powder  70-89¢
 16x Extract  Powder  $2.80-$3.50
 8:1 Resin Extract    $3.20-$5.00